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Cutting edge robotic retail platform

How Robymarket works?

Open the kiosk

Using RobyMarket App or a credit card
Pick an item off the shelf
Goods can be reviewed and returned to the shelf
Check your shopping list
In the Robymarket App or on the kiosk screen

Robymarket advantages

24/7 availability

The kiosk does not need a sleep or lunch break. It is ready to serve your customers at any time of the day or night.
Automatic accounting
and analytics
All the necessary documentation for accounting and analysis of your business is collected in real time.
Remote control of
the business
Manage your business from anywhere in the world. Access numbers and live video stream from your kiosk
Around the clock
tech support
Robymarket technical support staff is at your service 24 hours a day and ensures that problems are fixed as soon as possible.
Customer face
The system is able to recognize users and open a kiosk for regular customers without a credit card or application
Online loyalty program launch
and management
Having direct access to customers, we will help you set up a flexible system of loyalty and motivation for the growth of your business
Robymarket App
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